CTRL Elements is an immersive virtual reality platform for visualization, collaboration and training purposes. It allows for multiuser and multisite online sessions and recorded training sessions. The software is ready to be used as provided or it can be tailored for your needs.

> Work remotely in a shared virtual space
> Create environments, upload models and add notes
> Explore 3D models that are otherwise difficult to examine
> New possibilities for communication, designing, training and marketing

 Importing and visualizing

You can use your own 3D models or add external models to the platform. The platform supports most common 3D exchange formats and utilizes a cloud solution for working at multiple locations. The models can be easily examined and studied with the help of an intuitive user interface.


Hotspots can be attached to models and environments. The hotspots can contain text and drawings. Information in hotspots can be exported in common data interchange formats for further use elsewhere.


Multiple users can connect to a virtual space at the same time and view the same content. Users in the same space can communicate naturally with each other and utilize several collaboration tools to e.g. point out issues in the models. Each user can bring new models to the shared space at any time to show them to other users.

The added value of using CTRL Elements

CTRL Elements provides an unique and intuitive perspective to exploring 3D models that are otherwise difficult to examine due to their nature–be it scale or complexity. This opens up new possibilities for e.g. designing, training and marketing purposes as well as for creating product support material (manuals or on-demand service instructions).

Utilizing virtual reality improves both cost-effectiveness and learning outcomes of training, and cloud-based multiuser sessions save money compared to physical meetings.


Major desktop virtual reality systems are supported, including HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S and Windows MR headsets.

Delivery and price

Monthly licences start at 299 eur / device. Ask for training packages and tailored versions.

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