Virtual Tour

Offer your customers and other stakeholders an unforgettable virtual reality experience by showing them your production plant or manufacturing capabilities. The environments can be captured in 360 stereo imagery or 3D photogrammetry.

Meaningful content is the key

Virtual Tour usually includes a selection of high quality 360° videos, 360° interactive panoramic photos as well as 3D models and animations. High-quality stereoscopic content is the key in creating an immersive and unforgettable tour experience. Carefully crafted content will help you get your brand message across. With an easy user interface, the virtual visitor can travel between locations and access various information layers that are attached to the locations.


Virtual Tours can be created for all VR-platforms ranging from high-end showroom installations to end users’ own standalone mobile VR headsets. The experiences can also be published to content stores, such as the Oculus Store and Valve Steam platform.

Business benefits of Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour provides a safe and easy access to places that otherwise would be too dangerous or hard to visit. The solution has many different benefits:

  • stakeholders can visit different sites without production breaks, health or contamination risks
  • valuable sales and marketing tool
  • reduces costs (e.g. travelling and lost productivity costs)
  • builds customer trust
  • can be used as a employee training tool

Customer Success Stories

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