Our professional VR solutions take your design work and employee training to the next level.

Hands-On Training

Learning a new skill in VR is extremely effective, safe and fun. People can train without risking themselves or damaging valuable machinery.

Reduce training times, costs and collect first-hand performance data by taking your training processes to virtual reality!

Virtual Reality enables collaborative design work anywhere at any time.

Collaborative Design

Our CTRL Elements service your turnkey solution to Virtual Reality design meetings within your own team or together with your client. Just bring in your own IFC or FBX models!

VR and AR are great tools for data visualization.

Digital Twins

Our data-driven virtual reality solutions take your digital twins to the next level by combining your big data with our automated visualization algorithms.

Stereoscopic 360° degree photos and videos make workplace training cost-efficient and highly immersive.

Workplace Training

Using real environments in 360° stereo images, you can train anyone to get to know their job environment in a quick, immersive and safe way. With added visual information they will learn about the key elements of the environment and with the pace best suited for each individual.