We create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications from VR training simulators for manufacturing and maritime industry to collaboration tools for construction designers and healthcare providers.

Virtual Reality enables new types of training scenarios for the working professionals. VR training is most suited for processes that take many attempts to master or involve complex or large machinery. Learning how to operate and maintain advanced machinery and equipment is a prime example of a common VR training scenario.

Hands-On Training

We have developed highly interactive VR training applications for numerous cases and our expertise guarantees even your first VR training session will be a success!

Virtual Reality allows design processes to break free from the boundaries of time and geography, enabling collaborative work to take place without time and resource consuming travelling.

Collaborative Design

Our CTRL Elements service your turnkey solution to Virtual Reality design meetings within your own team or together with your client. Just bring in your own IFC or FBX models!

Complex digital designs and numeric representations of productions processes can be made understandable using modern data visualization methods. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have the unique means to literally add a new dimension to representing large quantities of data.

Digital Twins

We work with Digital Twin models from HVAC designs to full scale virtual copy of the famously vast forests of Finland. Our Data Driven VR visualization tools take your productivity to the next level!

Thorough and memorable training for working in hazardous and complex environments saves personnel from injuries. Both visitors and long term employees can visit the premises in VR with ease and memorize the most important safety procedures and operating methods.

Workplace Training

We have created a cost-effective solution for creating in-depth VR training material for all your needs. 360 images from your facilities are augmented with educational information which you can add in yourself or you can let us take care of it for you!