Because of our university background we are very accustomed to giving informational lectures, workshops and speeches on AR and VR.

We love to inspire and introduce people to these immersive technologies, wherever we go!

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Throughout the years we have been fortunate enough to work with many industries and gained extensive knowledge and experience on various different topics. Our team of experts are at your service and ready to address topics such as:

  • AR and VR in training
  • AR and VR in the maritime industry
  • AR and VR in the healthcare industry
  • AR and VR in marketing
  • Increasing productivity through immersive technologies
  • Enhancing travel through immersive technologies
  • Future of museums
  • Visualization and design in VR
  • Gamification in training and education

School Workshops

Are you wondering how you can utilize AR or VR in teaching? Pedagogically what are the best applications? How do I guarantee the best results?

When used correctly these immersive technologies can really be a huge asset. Research suggests that memory retention after an AR or VR experience is higher than after viewing video or text-based learning materials. Many professionals are already using these immersive technologies and we can help you to take the next step in this exciting learning journey!

Company Workshops

Are you wondering how to best utilize immersive technologies in your business? Do you want to inspire your workers to think outside of the box?

As you might have already seen, we have helped a lot of companies through AR and VR. These technologies have a remarkable potential of impacting many industries and companies are increasingly investing in them to solve various different challenges. Get the most out of AR and VR with our workshops!