Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences bring a new dimension to explore to even the most exquisite of physical environments.

AR experiences accessible via end users’ own mobile devices provide a service-free way to increase your visitors’ engagement with your services and premises.

AR Storytelling

Tarina is our unique AR platform that will take your cultural heritage site, museum experience, learning platform or any marketing idea to a whole new level. All by using the visitr’s own mobile device!

Our solutions combine different storytelling and gamification elements as well as location based information. We provide both turnkey projects as well as platform solutions.

Virtual Reality experiences can take your audience and customers to place you can’t take them, or bring them to you even before their physical first visit.

Take your guests up the mountain or inside the catacombs beneath your premises, or present your magnificent garden to visitors around the globe! Virtual Tours offer the unique experience of reaching any destinations for anyone.

Offer your customers and other stakeholders an unforgettable virtual reality experience by showing them your cultural heritage site, unaccessible natural gems, production plant or manufacturing capabilities. With the use of 360° stereo images and videos or photogrammetric modelling, your audience can visit places that would otherwise be too dangerous, expensive or otherwise impractical.

Our solutions are fully portable and can be used as a presentation tool for many different purposes!