Hands-On Training

Sky is the limit

In virtual reality you can undergo many different types of training scenarios. VR training is most suitable for processes that take a long time to master and have many complex phases. Learning how to operate and maintain advanced machinery and equipment is a great example of this.

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Show them how it’s done

You can record instructions on how certain tasks should be performed. The software then creates a virtual character based on the movements and instructions done during the recording. Trainees can then learn by watching, listening and mimicking the virtual character.

Collect data

Collect valuable first-hand data and analyze the performance of your employees. What tasks cause difficulties? Should the test be repeated?


Effective way to learn

Research suggests that memory retention after a VR experience is higher than after viewing video or text-based learning materials. VR brings both theory and practice together.


VR training can be repeated as much as needed to ensure the best performance. Carefully selected gamification elements will keep the trainees motivated time and time again.

First-hand data

Collect data on your employees’ learning progress and see which tasks cause slowdowns. Use the data to provide improved learning materials or to develop your tools further.

Reduce training times

Easily repeated exercises reduces the need for one-on-one mentoring and frees up the time of your experienced workers.

Risk-Free Practice

Mistakes can be hazardous and can cause unexpected expenses. In VR you can make all the mistakes you want with zero risk.

Reduce costs

Cut down travelling, training and human error related costs and time. VR training session can take place anywhere and anytime!

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