Training 360

Build immersive VR training experiences with the use of interactive 360° photos and videos. Or let us take care of everything.

Typical Use Cases

  • Hazard identification
  • Learning new procedures and processes
  • Familiarization of new environments
  • Emergency situations and much more!

360 Training is done by using 360° stereo images on environments of your choice. The training is then enhanced by using either visual or hidden hotspots. These hotspots present a game-like experience to learning and will keep the trainees motivated throughout the training session. Moreover, the performance data of the trainees can be collected and analyzed.

Training with 360° images in VR allows the person to safely familiarize themselves with the new environments and objects. With the help of our editor, you get to select information that you wish to emphasize and can independently edit and publish videos and still images without any additional costs. This makes using VR even more cost-effective and creating a training scenario is only a 15-minute process.

There are several benefits to virtual reality training:

  • The trainees can practice in a safe and risk-free environment without production delays.
  • The training can be organized anywhere, anytime.
  • The gamification elements keep the training fun and motivating.
  • Real-time feedback guarantees that your trainees will get the most out of every training session.

Easy to use browser-based editor

Add hotspots equipped with information, questions, links and photos. Enrich your training material with simple and intuitive commands. Click, drag and create.

360 content also works on the web!

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