Novia & Aboa Mare

Aboa Mare has for decades provided the latest technologies and pedagogics for its clients. Virtual reality extended simulations are the next chapter on this path and we are proud to provide this to our clients as the first ones in the world.

Micael Vuorio, Head of Maritime Academy and Training Center, Aboa Mare

In cooperation with Novia University of Applied Sciences and Aboa Mare training centre, we have created a virtual reality (VR) training extension for their ship bridge simulator in Turku, Finland.

Different emergency situations are regularly trained in the maritime sector through the use of ship bridge simulators. However, there are situations where the ship bridge by itself is not sufficient enough and operation in another location is also required. One of these scenarios is a steering malfunction, where a lookout is sent to the steering gear compartment to investigate the problem at hand. This is the only way to regain control of the ship.

And this is where VR comes in!

We have created a VR application, where the trainee has to prepare the pumps for local control and steer the ship based on the instructions of the officer on watch. The VR extension provides an immersive and risk-free environment for trainees and is connected to ship bridge simulator data flow. This means that the VR software responds to the ship movement on the ship bridge simulator and vice versa.

Here, a VR environment connected to the simulator bridge creates a shared experience in a real situation supporting the learning process. We wanted to create a very intuitive and easy-to-use user interface as many of the trainees had no prior experience with VR.