Mannerheim Experience

The experience offers a virtual tour of the war-time office of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, the Field Marshal of Finland. The headquarters of the Finnish army operated out of and around the city of Mikkeli during the wars in 1939-1940 and 1941-1944. While visiting the office located in the Mikkeli Central Elementary School you can learn historical facts and witness Mannerheim himself reading a report from the front lines.

  • View the headquarters office of Mannerheim in virtual reality, brought to you via high fidelity photogrammetry.
  • Learn about historical facts, such as the brand of cigars Mannerheim used to smoke, or that he was quite a tall man.
  • Meet historically accurate virtual version of Mannerheim, recreated by motion-capture animation, acted and voiced by a known Finnish Mannerheim actor Timo Närhinsalo.

Mannerheim Virtual Experience is an augmented reality application developed for Headquarters museum (Päämajamuseo). The application was first developed for Microsoft HoloLens AR glasses but is also now freely available as a virtual reality application through Steam.