Linde – Gas Tanker Truck Training

If we meet our goals of cutting down the total training days of the drivers and expand the VR solution’s use to the rest of the EU area, the investment is more than justified

Elias Chowdhury, Transport Safety and Contract Manager BSCM Operations Plan & Deliver Region Europe North

Linde has an extensive training program for their gas tanker truck drivers where one of the more critical tasks is the loading and unloading of liquid oxygen and nitrogen. Mastering the task is rather difficult and time consuming, not to mention it can be dangerous, therefore Linde became interested in making their training processes more effective through virtual reality.

The purpose of this VR training is to teach the loading and unloading process in a safe and immersive manner. In addition, the VR training allows the company to train their employees without the need to use the gas tanker truck hence freeing up the vehicle for their business operations. Moreover, the drivers will be able to train and test their skills more flexibly than before.

The VR training comes with a tutorial that familiarizes the user with controls, guided training phase with pre-recorded voice guidance feature and test-mode.