‘’Designing a ship in virtual reality is highly effective as you get rid of unnecessary iterations. On top of that, it is really environmentally friendly.’’

Juhani Määttänen, Head of Design, NIT

NIT (Naval Interior Team) is a part of the Sustainable Shipbuilding Concepts project (SusCon) coordinated by the University of Turku. The purpose of the project is to find ways to increase the sustainability of the shipbuilding industry.

Virtual reality could be the solution that the shipbuilding industry is looking for because of its non-physical properties. For example, instead of building expensive and unsustainable real-life mockups, the shipbuilding industry could use virtual reality for visualization purposes.

NIT uses our CTRL Elements virtual reality platform. It is a platform for visualization, collaboration and training purposes. You can, for example, work remotely in a shared virtual space and view the same content, create environments and upload new models instantly and explore 3D models that normally would be too difficult to examine. If something seems too narrow in virtual reality, it is too narrow in real-life too.