Sustainable Forest Management Through Virtual Reality

Ecologically sustainable forestry

New digital methods, in particular virtual reality environments based on forest data resources, offer a new opportunity to create learning content that can highlight the common European goals of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in Europe’s diverse forest environment.

The aim of this Erasmus+ project is to map the perceptions of different European countries about the content, needs and goals of Sustainable Forest Management, and to create a network for the development of coherent SFM training. It is assumed that countries across Europe will deal with the issue differently due to different operating environments and methodological developments.

Value from Training

The purpose of the project is to use small-scale piloting to find out in which areas of Sustainable Forest Management training the VR-based  solution brings added value and to draw up a plan for the implementation of this training. CTRL Reality is responsible for the implementation of the VR pilot in the project.

In order for Sustainable Forest Management to take into account the different regions of Europe on an equal footing, to save resources and to be ecological, the issue should initially be identified on a small scale and a suitable network found around the theme to promote its training and development. In this way, the objectives of the project are linked to the horizontal objective in terms of sustainable environmental integration.