Save Turku!

In Pokémon Go you watch the world through your mobile phone whereas in our game you also have to look at your surroundings. Pokémon Go is more of a traditional game whereas this is more like a story or an interactive movie

Valtteri Roiha & Miska Kaukonen

In co-operation with the City of Turku, we have created an augmented reality (AR) mobile game that features the well-known actors Valtteri Roiha ja Miska Kaukonen.

The actors have been brought into the application through green screen video and appear automatically when the user is in the right location. The game is situated around the Tuomiokirkkopuisto and Old Great Square area in Turku.

The game utilizes familiar elements from escape rooms and solving the tasks will require great observational skills and attentiveness. The experience is suitable for all ages.

The game requires a modern mobile device and can be downloaded for free (Tarina) at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.