Neova Group

“The CTRL Training 360 platform has proven to be an outstanding tool for enhancing workplace safety. It allows employees to immerse themselves in realistic work environments and practice handling risky situations in a virtual setting. This helps raise their awareness of safety considerations and develops their ability to respond appropriately to potential hazards. Additionally, employees […]


Let’s Use Biodegradable Plastic For The Future The main goal of FutureBio project is to inform the society about systematic and scientific solutions about biodegradable plastics and to create an educational platform. The project aims to increase the awareness of pollution and environmental protection. Our role in the project is to create interactive, illustrative and effective […]

Jumisko Water Power Plant

Hydropower plants and facilities are often unmanned and very hard to reach. Pohjolan Voima is using VR to provide Virtual Tour to show the facilities and surrounding water routes of the Jumisko hydropower plant, located in Posio and Kemijärvi region. Virtual Tour provides the audience a life-like view to the Jumisko surroundings and the Jumisko […]


Learning new things and brushing up old skills has never been this enjoyable! Wärtsilä employee in training feedback form Wärtsilä is committed to create and maintain a secure and healthy workplace. For them safety is the number one priority. That is why they chose CTRL 360 Training as a part of their work safety program. […]