Using real environments in 360° stereo images, you can train anyone to get to know their job environment in a quick, immersive and safe way. With added visual information they will learn about the key elements of the environment and with the pace best suited for each individual.

The best part: either enjoy our turnkey service or create, edit and publish training material yourself using our editor platform. Getting started is a 1-day project!

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Learning by doing

Learning to use any machine or device in VR with one’s own hands is extremely effective, safe and fun. Let people learn better by trying things out and experimenting without risking the people or devices.

The solution makes independent and measurable practising possible and is suitable to all levels of training. Especially useful if production normally needs to be stopped for training purposes or if the training could be otherwise hazardous.

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Enhance learning results and motivation with carefully selected gamification elements. Our virtual and augmented reality solutions can be tailored to any dedicated need and our platforms are equipped with gamification features.

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