‘’Designing a ship in virtual reality is highly effective as you get rid of unnecessary iterations. On top of that, it is really environmentally friendly.’’ Juhani Määttänen, Head of Design, NIT NIT (Naval Interior Team) is a part of the Sustainable Shipbuilding Concepts project (SusCon) coordinated by the University of Turku. The purpose of the […]


Learning new things and brushing up old skills has never been this enjoyable! Wärtsilä employee in training feedback form Wärtsilä is committed to create and maintain a secure and healthy workplace. For them safety is the number one priority. That is why they chose CTRL 360 Training as a part of their work safety program. […]

Virtual Tour / Metsä Group & Tieto

Virtual Tour enables a virtual visit at a client’s reference site making it easier to show it to stakeholders anywhere in the world.  It quickly gives a good overview of the facility as well as the process and technologies in use at the site. It saves the stakeholders travelling time, and minimizes risks related to […]