Swan Song

Juha Rouhikoski’s Swan Song takes the viewer to the mythological world of majestic swans, the underworld of Tuonela in Finnish folklore and the world of Kalevala. It’s based on The Swan of Tuonela composed by Jean Sibelius. In the work, viewers step to the edge of the Tuonela stream to look at a dancer along […]

Castle Yards 1827

“This application makes it possible to tell about history in a new, accessible way and the virtual content also works well for students. In addition, it is great that this era is also being brought to the front, because the castle is much more than just the Middle Ages” Susanna Lahtinen, City of Turku Museum […]

The Finnish Postal Museum

‘’The already fun city tour became a lot more interesting and exciting with Tarina. Augmented reality really brings the past to life and illustrates the history of your region in an immersive way.’’ Olli Nordling, Digital Producer & Museum Educator, The Finnish Postal Museum The Finnish Postal Museum uses the Tarina platform to enrich their […]

The Sports Museum Finland

‘’With this application, our significant collections, photos, and objects can be brought to life in an irresistible manner. This is the future.’’ Jukka-Pekka Vuori, The Director of the Sports Museum In cooperation with the Sports Museum of Finland, we have created an augmented reality (AR) mobile application that will take the museum visiting experience to […]

Save Turku!

In Pokémon Go you watch the world through your mobile phone whereas in our game you also have to look at your surroundings. Pokémon Go is more of a traditional game whereas this is more like a story or an interactive movie Valtteri Roiha & Miska Kaukonen In co-operation with the City of Turku, we […]

Treaty of Uusikaupunki

It’s great that we can bring more content to the application and a story about the historical peace treaty fits this year of celebration perfectly. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from tourists, it’s pretty rare for a city to have something like this. And this time we’ve taken the AR even further, because […]


CTRL Reality proudly presents the Åppi mobile application developed in collaboration with the city of Turku! The application takes the user on a journey along the historical Aura river through augmented reality. The historical stories and texts within the application are created by high school and university students from Turku. They have for example photographed […]


UkiAR application is a wonderful way to present local history with the use of modern technology. The city of Uusikaupunki can now offer its residents and tourists something extraordinary and memorable. Irmeli Laaksonen, Tourism Designer, City of Uusikaupunki UkiAR is an augmented reality application that allows you to experience the beautiful city of Uusikaupunki from […]

S/S Bore

In co-operation with Turku Vocational Institute, we have created an augmented reality (AR) learning environment for the former cruise ship S/S Bore. The ship’s mascot Aulis Bear tells about the vessel’s vibrant history and familiarizes the students for their job assignments. Nowadays S/S Bore is a museum and hotel ship, docked permanently in Turku, Finland. […]