PraLe’s goal is to develop cost-effective and environmentally friendly education in the transport sector by integrating practical work and technology to allow students practice independently and remotely. In the PraLe project, the aim is to test different techniques and technologies and to gather and utilize the best experiences in teaching distance learning and practical skills. […]

Linde – Gas Tanker Truck Training

If we meet our goals of cutting down the total training days of the drivers and expand the VR solution’s use to the rest of the EU area, the investment is more than justified Elias Chowdhury, Transport Safety and Contract Manager BSCM Operations Plan & Deliver Region Europe North Linde has an extensive training program […]

Novia & Aboa Mare

Aboa Mare has for decades provided the latest technologies and pedagogics for its clients. Virtual reality extended simulations are the next chapter on this path and we are proud to provide this to our clients as the first ones in the world. Micael Vuorio, Head of Maritime Academy and Training Center, Aboa Mare In cooperation […]

Virtual HVAC

Virtual HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) is a virtual reality design tool for designing the interior of a mechanical equipment room. It facilitates design and cost planning, and helps optimizing material use. The solution also enables validation of the design in the correct environment for installability and maintainability. Further, the tool can be used in […]

Virtual Bus Driver Trainer

Thanks to Virtual Bus Driver Trainer our students have been able to perform the pre-inspections much faster TTS Työtehoseura Virtual Bus Driver Trainer was created to help bus driver trainees practice pre-inspection of vehicles before taking on the road. In the virtual training environment, the trainees can learn realistic bus operations at their own pace. […]

Virtual Forest

Virtual Forest makes timber trade easier. Forest owners no longer need to visit the forest to make decisions on forestry operations and harvesting. The solution allows the seller to move in his/her’s forest virtually and to see how the scenery changes tree by tree when they are felled, as well as to calculate the expected […]

Jumisko Water Power Plant

Hydropower plants and facilities are often unmanned and very hard to reach. Pohjolan Voima is using VR to provide Virtual Tour to show the facilities and surrounding water routes of the Jumisko hydropower plant, located in Posio and Kemijärvi region. Virtual Tour provides the audience a life-like view to the Jumisko surroundings and the Jumisko […]


‘’Designing a ship in virtual reality is highly effective as you get rid of unnecessary iterations. On top of that, it is really environmentally friendly.’’ Juhani Määttänen, Head of Design, NIT NIT (Naval Interior Team) is a part of the Sustainable Shipbuilding Concepts project (SusCon) coordinated by the University of Turku. The purpose of the […]


Learning new things and brushing up old skills has never been this enjoyable! Wärtsilä employee in training feedback form Wärtsilä is committed to create and maintain a secure and healthy workplace. For them safety is the number one priority. That is why they chose CTRL 360 Training as a part of their work safety program. […]