CTRL Elements: SusCon

SusCon (Sustainable Shipbuilding Concepts) was a research project at the University of Turku from 2020 to 2022. The project conducted research about sustainability in shipbuilding by incorporating virtual reality (VR) based design reviews for cruise ship interiors. Companies that participated in the research utilized CTRL Elements for visualization and communication purposes. Since each ship is […]


‘’CTRL Elements made it possible to visit Wintteri and help plan the usage of the building before the constructions even begun!’’ Inkeri Parviainen, Education Specialist, Uusikaupunki Wintteri is an upcoming multi-purpose building that is currently under construction in Uusikaupunki. The building is a true community center in all meanings of the word, as it will […]


‘’Designing a ship in virtual reality is highly effective as you get rid of unnecessary iterations. On top of that, it is really environmentally friendly.’’ Juhani Määttänen, Head of Design, NIT NIT (Naval Interior Team) is a part of the Sustainable Shipbuilding Concepts project (SusCon) coordinated by the University of Turku. The purpose of the […]