With CTRL Elements you can walk through your 3D models, meet your colleagues inside the models and attach notes for the creator or other participants. All this makes communication more straightforward and reduces design iterations and even travelling.

CTRL Elements supports multiple 3D formats and it is meant to be used in parallel with the 3D design software of choice.

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Data-driven virtual reality tools

Our data-driven virtual reality solutions take your digital twins to the next level by combining your big data with our automated visualization algorithms.

Be it a business value chain, production pipeline containing multiple producers or complex datasets like all the trees in a whole country, our Data to VR solutions create a profoundly new method of accessing, modifying and understanding your data. 

The produced visualizations are also not limited to VR usage. Supplementary 2D imagery and AR experiences can also be generated via the same pipeline.

Revolutionize the way you deliver mechanical equipment rooms

Use our customizable virtual reality design tool for designing the interior of a mechanical equipment room. The tool facilitates design and cost planning and helps to optimize material use. The solution also enables validating the design in the correct environment for installability and maintainability. In retrofit installations, the existing facilities are 3D scanned and the resulting model is used as a basis in the design.

Better documentation of building site and virtual inspections

With our cloud-based 360° documentation tool you can manage 360° photographic documentation of a building site with a fraction of effort in comparison to traditional methods.

All pictures are stored in a secure cloud (ours or yours) where they can be accessed by eligible users. Pictures can be marked with text comments or 2D photos and linked together. 

The 360° documentation tool also comes with a multi-user mode where pictures can be observed in virtual reality simultaneously from multiple sites.

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