The Sports Museum of Finland brings their exhibition alive through Augmented Reality

The collaboration between us (CTRL Reality) and the Sports Museum of Finland was born from an idea: what if real athletes could tell additional information about exhibition pieces or the museum surroundings in a realistic way? Wouldn’t be great if Joel Pohjanpalo could magically appear in front of you and tell details about the boots he wore while scoring Finland’s first goal major tournament goal against Denmark at the 2021 EUROs? Or what if Juha Mieto could tell you about his famous one-hundredth of a second loss right next to you? This is now a reality thanks to the Tahto Go (formerly known as Urheilumuseo GO) mobile application. 

How does this all work? Thanks to our web-based editor different entities (museums, companies etc) can build rich and interactive augmented reality experiences. In this case the Sports Museum of Finland filmed people against a green screen, edited the videos a bit and then added them to the Tahto Go application where they could be viewed in a location designated to them. A narrator that appears on your smart device creates an illusion of them being in the same space as you. You don’t just see it, you experience it!

Tahto Go application takes the visiting experience to a whole new level. You can also find augmented reality locations outside the museum.

However, green screen videos only scratch the surface on what’s possible with AR. 3D-animated characters can also be brought to AR mode, and whereas green screen videos are two-dimensional, 3D-animated characters (like the name suggests) are three dimensional, meaning that you can view them from different angles. This means that the user needs to physically move to see everything, and this enforces the illusion of physicality even more. 
A great example of this is the extension we made for the city of Uusikaupunki’s augmented reality (UkiAR) application.

Experience the Treaty of Nystad in an immersive manner.

All our AR solutions are based on our Tarina platform that enables the customer to build unforgettable AR experiences all by themselves. For example, all the content found on the Tahto Go is produced and made by the Sports Museum of Finland. 

‘’Our significant collections, historical photos and exhibitions pieces can be brought to live in an irresistible manner through this application. This is the future.’’

-Jukka-Pekka Vuori, The Director of the Sports Museum of Finland